Contact Neurology Solutions

Phone: 021 766 363 - for Cambridge and Waikato

Phone: 027 422 1122 - for Tauranga, Thames, Rotorua, Taranaki, Napier, Whangamata and Mr Peter Gan, Neurosurgeon

  1. 9 to 5 Mon - Fri
  2. Answer phone checked within 2hrs
  3. For urgent medical please contact GP services
  4. For emergencies contact GP or hospital ED

Email: - for Cambridge and Waikato Clinics - for Tauranga, Rotorua,Thames, Whangamata, Napier and        Taranaki Clinics and Mr Peter Gan, Neurosurgeon

Fax: 07 8237556

Dr Wright

(please use form, replies within 1 week or use above details for more urgent contact)


NeurologySolutions Building,

142 Shakespeare St



Mr Peter Gan


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